A Comprehensive Russian Grammar

Paperback / softback by David Gillespie, Terence Wade, Svetlana Gural, Marina Korneeva

The most comprehensive guide to Russian usage, fully revised and updated. 

A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, by Terence Wade, is the definitive resource on Russian usage, providing complete and accurate guidance for students and professionals alike. Now in its fourth edition, this authoritative text continues to be an indispensable reference for English-speaking learners of Russian. Detailed yet accessible chapters cover the essential rules of the Russian language, placing emphasis on the nuances and problems that English speakers find especially difficult.

Thoroughly revised and updated by Russian language experts David Gillespie, Svetlana Gural, and Marina Korneeva, this edition reflects changes in the grammar, the lexis, and the contemporary practice of the language in Russia’s increasingly globalized, market-oriented economy. New content includes coverage of words and phrases from IT and social network terminology that have entered the Russian language, original contributions by leading Russian language scholars, and numerous modern usage examples taken from Russian websites, social media, and post-Soviet literature. The standard Russian language reference for English speakers for more than a quarter of a century, this volume:

  • Provides a comprehensive, user-friendly approach to Russian grammar exposition
  • Covers every essential aspect of the Russian language, including prepositions, conjunctions, numerals, and word order
  • Features updated examples and illustrations, new insights into recent developments in Russian language usage, and more consistent transliteration of Russian names
  • Includes a glossary of grammatical terms, word and subject indexes, and a complete bibliography

Part of the successful Blackwell Reference Grammars series, A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, Fourth Edition is the ideal guide and reference text for students and teachers of Russian across the English-speaking world, as well as professionals with knowledge of Russian seeking to keep pace with recent changes in the language.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 640 pages Language: English
Dimension: 152 x 28 x 229mm ISBN10: 1119520290
Weight: 726g ISBN13: 9781119520290
Publication Date: 25 Mar 2020 Publisher: Wiley


Terence Wade (1930–2005) was Professor Emeritus and Research Fellow in Russian Studies at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. He wrote numerous books on the Russian language, including Prepositions in Modern Russian (1985), Russian Etymological Dictionary (1996), The Russian Language Today (with Larissa Ryazanova-Clarke, 1999) and A Russian Grammar Workbook (Wiley Blackwell, 1996).

David Gillespie is Professor at Tomsk State University, Russia. He was Professor of Russian at the University of Bath, UK, where he taught Russian language and culture since 1985. He has published ten books, contributed seventeen chapters and has written more than 100 papers on modern Russian literature, culture and film.

Svetlana Gural is Doctor of Education at Tomsk State University, Russia. She has edited numerous books including The Situational Context Effect in Non-Language-Majoring EFL Students' Meaning Comprehension (2015) and Consecutive Interpreting Training in Groups of Foreign Students (2015).

Marina Korneeva is Associate Professor in the Department of English at Tomsk State University, Russia. She is author of over a dozen peer-reviewed articles on discourse analysis referencing Russian language teaching and the forthcoming work, Methodology of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language through Discourse Analysis (2020).


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