British History For Dummies

Paperback / softback by Seán Lang

Royally confused about kings and queens? Never sure what happened when? Or where — England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales? Learn the people and events that shaped British history 

British History For Dummies, 3rd Edition is full of rip-roaring stories of power-mad kings, executions, invasions, high treason, global empire building, and forbidden love — not bad for a nation of stiff upper lips. Engaged travelers, lifelong learners, history buffs, and students will all enjoy this friendly and accessible guide written in, well, plain English. This book is for you if you studied British History in school (perhaps a while ago) or learned only a bit about Wales or Scotland or Ireland and want to know more. And if you’ve ever asked yourself, “What kingdoms are part of the United Kingdom?” or “Exactly how was the UK formed?” or “Which people make up the UK?” — you’ve come to the right place, to get those answers and so much more.  

With an 8-page color insert so you can see who, what, and where the ensuing historical action takes place, you’ll learn about the following people and events (and more): 

  • What led to the Roman invasion and about the Britons who resisted it 

  • How Britain was divided into Saxon and Celtic kingdoms 

  • How the Roman Church converted Celtic and British Christians 

  • When the Vikings arrived, and what other invaders followed 

  • The many battles of Henry II 

  • The forming of England’s parliament 

  • How the Black Death affected Britain 

  • The Tudors vs. The Stuarts 

  • How the Industrial Revolution helped push advancements in farming and infrastructure 

  • All about the Victorians – everyone’s favorite 

  • Britain’s involvement in the Great War and World War II 

Additionally, this edition is revised and expanded to include the historical parliamentary elections of 2010 and the British mission in Afghanistan, and you don’t want to miss out. Pick up your copy of British History For Dummies, 3rd Edition today. 

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Format: Paperback / softback, 436 pages Language: English
Dimension: 185 x 25 x 229mm ISBN10: 0470978198
Weight: 862g ISBN13: 9780470978191
Publication Date: 28 Jan 2011 Publisher: Wiley


Seán Lang, PhD is the author of the best-selling European History For Dummies. He is a senior university lecturer in history and has been teaching history to school, college, and university students for more than two decades.


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