Business Valuation For Dummies

Paperback / softback by Jim Bates, Lisa Holton

Buying or selling a business? Acquire the tools and learn the methods for accurate business valuation 

Business valuation is the process of determining the value of a business enterprise or ownership interest. Business Valuation For Dummies covers valuation methods, including advice on analyzing historical performance, evaluating assets and income value, understanding a company's financial statements, forecasting performance; estimating the cost of capital; and cash flow methods of valuation.  

Written in plain English, this no-nonsense guide is filled with expert guidance that business owners, managers at all levels, investors, and students can use when determining the value of a business. It contains a solid framework for valuation, including advice on analyzing historical performance, evaluating assets and income value, understanding a company's financial statements, estimating the cost of capital, business valuation models, and how to apply those models to different types of businesses. 

Business Valuation For Dummies takes you step-by-step through the business valuation process, explaining the major methods in an easy-to-understand manner with real-world examples. Inside you’ll discover: 

  • The value of business valuation, including when it’s necessary 

  • The fundamental methods and approaches to business valuation 

  • How to read a valuation report and financial statements 

  • The other players in the valuation process 

  • How to decide you’re ready to sell — and the best time to do so 

  • The three stages of due diligence: the meet and greet; the hunting and gathering; the once-over 

  • How to decide you’re ready to buy — and find the right business for you 

  • What due diligence means on the buying side of things 

  • When to call in the experts: divorce; estate planning and gifting; attracting investors and lenders 

This is an essential guide for anyone buying a business, selling a business, participating in a merger or acquisition, or evaluating for tax, loan, or credit purposes. Get your copy of Business Valuation For Dummies to get the information you need to successfully and accurately place a value on any business. 

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Format: Paperback / softback, 368 pages Language: English
Dimension: 183 x 25 x 229mm ISBN10: 0470344016
Weight: 499g ISBN13: 9780470344019
Publication Date: 17 Apr 2009 Publisher: Wiley


Lisa Holton is a former business editor and reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times. Today, she heads The Lisa Company, a writing, editing, and research firm. She's a writer for corporations, colleges, and nonprofits nationwide, and has written more than 13 books.

Jim Bates is Vice President, Transaction Support, for the Christman Group, a middle-market investment banking firm based in Palatine, IL.


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