Gear Up

Paperback / softback by Lena Ramfelt, Jonas Kjellberg, Tom Kosnik

Transform your business idea into a high potential venture

Big, bright and brilliant, Gear Up is an engaging and practical workbook for anyone looking to pursue a fresh business opportunity or grow an existing one. Developed at Harvard Business School and Stanford University, it's a bootcamp with clear, easy-to-follow steps to test your business idea, assess its potential and make it work! Based on a revolutionary 9-component framework, Gear Up offers entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovative executives and business students a toolkit to bring their ideas to life and transform them into high potential ventures.

Gear Up offers a useable business tool for assessing the needs of a business idea and helps you create a plan of action to promote business success. By working through the chapters of the book, you get to create a winning strategy based on recommendations tried and tested by executives around the world.

Gear Up offers:

- A step by step guide to help you build a foundation for your business opportunity

- Solid business framework formulated from entrepreneurs, academics and real life experience

- A highly practical workbook with visual, full-colour design and compelling layout

Gear Up also comes with educators' support materials available at gearupventures.com

  • PowerPoint presentations with teaching notes
  • Online course materials
  • Course Schedule
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Certificate for students who complete the course

Coming soon! - An innovative, interactive digital toolkit

Gear Up Virtual Toolkit (powered by You Noodle): A digital platform where participants can present their enterprise idea, work through the framework, answering questions and get real-time feedback from their facilitator/educator. The tool will even generate a ready-made PowerPoint presentation at the end of the process!

Gear Up Mobile App (powered by We Chat): This app allows students to answer questions from their lecturers or vote in real-time from their phones within the classroom. The app promotes student engagement and class participation.

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Format: Paperback / softback, 192 pages Language: English
Dimension: 241 x 18 x 188mm ISBN10: 085708562X
Weight: 544g ISBN13: 9780857085627
Publication Date: 07 Apr 2014 Publisher: Wiley


Jonas Kjellberg is a serial entrepreneur and was a founding member of the Skype leadership team. Jonas had a vision to take lessons learned from hyper-growth companies, include that with what was taught at world class universities and revamp it to create a user-friendly mix and make it accessible to the world.

Tom Kosnik is a Professor at Stanford University. Tom started his teaching journey at Harvard. This is where he laid the foundation for Gear UP by initiating the work with the DDART framework – Diagnose, Decision, Analysis and Reality Test developed after many years of research with the goal to support students, entrepreneur and business to decipher new and exciting business opportunities. Tom speaks at events around the world including USA, Mexico, China, Chile and Singapore.

Lena Ramfelt holds a PhD from Stockholm University. She joined forces with Tom at Stanford and the two of them have been teaching together for the past 15 years. During their years together they saw Silicon Valley grow and outperform the rest of the world in building new, large and successful companies. Together they interviewed, explored and captured information on these growing companies. The newfound insight was mixed with exiting knowledge and taught to students. Lena now spilts her time between consulting and tuition.
The authors' combination of academic knowledge and real-life experience is the foundation for the book.


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