Planned Giving Simplified

Hardback by Robert F. Sharpe

Planned Giving Simplified

A down-to-earth introduction to planned giving by a leading pioneerin the field.

In this groundbreaking book, charitable gift planning expert RobertF. Sharpe, Sr., demystifies the complex world of planned giving fornot-for-profit managers. He provides a detailed blueprint forstarting and building a successful planned giving program, anddevelops a rational framework for managing the subtle interplay oflegal, administrative, and interpersonal factors involved in theplanned giving process.

Central to Sharpe's proven approach is his controversial definitionof the effective charitable gift planner as being not so much afund raiser as an expert at helping potential benefactors satisfy adeeply felt emotional need. Rather than soliciting or closing onplanned gifts, the planner's primary focus should be on formingrelationships with donors and providing them with the means andopportunity to fulfill their desire to do good.

Using compelling case studies, Sharpe demonstrates his approach inaction. He identifies the various types of planned gifts and takesyou inside the hearts and minds of the planned givers themselves,revealing their primary motivations and overarching concerns. Hethen guides you, step-by-step, through the entire planned givingprocess, and concludes with a clear delineation of theorganizational structures required to sustain a planned givingprogram.

Praise for Planned Giving Simplified

"This book is a must for all who are serious about establishing ormaintaining a successful gift planning program for theirinstitution." --Nancy L. Perazelli, CFRE Gift Planning Officer,Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.

"In his own inimitable style, Bob Sharpe has done an admirable jobof describing the planned giving process in an easy-to-understandmanner. Woven throughout is the emphasis on the important humanrelationship between the donor and the charitable gift planner."--Walter T. Weaver, III Director, Finance Support Division, BoyScouts of America.

"Robert F. Sharpe, Sr., has provided a comprehensive road map ofthe world of planned giving. He guides [readers] to the desireddestination without unnecessary detours along the way. His bookwill be a valuable addition to the libraries of not onlynot-for-profit professionals, but also 'givers' who seek a betterunderstanding of the many routes available to them in their giftplanning." --Joseph H. Powell President Emeritus and SeniorConsultant, Baptist Memorial Health Care Corporation.

"The name Bob Sharpe is synonymous with planned giving. I don'tknow of anybody who knows more about it and who can better conveyits importance." --Reverend Dr. Arthur Caliandro Pastor, MarbleCollegiate Church, New York City.

"I really like [this book]. It is . . . elegantly simple, direct,and forthright. . . . very enjoyable." --Thomas W. Cullinan, JDExecutive Director of Gift Planning, University of Maryland.

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Format: Hardback, 240 pages Language: English
Dimension: 159 x 23 x 235mm ISBN10: 047116674X
Weight: 497g ISBN13: 9780471166740
Publication Date: 02 Nov 1998 Publisher: Wiley


ROBERT F. SHARPE, Sr., is the founder of Robert F. Sharpe & Company, a leading planned giving consulting firm based in Memphis, Tennessee. He is founder and Director of the National Planned Giving Institute at the College of William and Mary and a regular contributor to the planned giving literature.


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